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Morgan Monroe Mandolin Serial Number

Morgan Monroe Mandolin Serial Number

Morgan Monroe Mandolin Serial Number

How to Identify a Morgan Monroe Mandolin by Its Serial Number

Morgan Monroe is a brand of mandolins that offers a variety of models and styles, from traditional F-style and A-style to modern electric and acoustic-electric mandolins. Morgan Monroe mandolins are known for their quality craftsmanship, rich tone, and affordable price. But how can you tell if you have a genuine Morgan Monroe mandolin, and what can you learn from its serial number

In this article, we will explain how to identify a Morgan Monroe mandolin by its serial number, and what information you can get from it. We will also compare Morgan Monroe mandolins with some of the most famous and sought-after mandolins in history, such as the Gibson F5 models signed by Lloyd Loar.

What is a Serial Number

A serial number is a unique code that is assigned to each instrument by the manufacturer. It usually consists of numbers and letters, and it can be found on different parts of the instrument, such as the headstock, the label inside the soundhole, or the back of the neck. Serial numbers can help you determine when and where your instrument was made, as well as its model and features.

How to Find the Serial Number on a Morgan Monroe Mandolin

Morgan Monroe mandolins have their serial numbers printed on a label inside the soundhole. You can use a flashlight or a mirror to look inside the soundhole and read the label. The serial number is usually located at the bottom of the label, below the model name and the logo. For example, if you have a Morgan Monroe MMS-2W mandolin, you will see something like this:

The serial number on this label is 06020004. This means that this mandolin was made in 2006 (the first two digits), in February (the next two digits), and it was the fourth instrument produced that month (the last four digits).

What Can You Learn from a Morgan Monroe Mandolin Serial Number

A Morgan Monroe mandolin serial number can tell you some basic information about your instrument, such as its year and month of production, and its order of manufacture. However, it cannot tell you much more than that. Unlike some other brands, Morgan Monroe does not use serial numbers to indicate specific models or features. For example, you cannot tell if your mandolin has a solid or laminated top, or what kind of wood it is made of, just by looking at the serial number.

To find out more details about your Morgan Monroe mandolin, you will need to look at other aspects of the instrument, such as its shape, size, color, hardware, binding, inlays, etc. You can also compare your mandolin with the official specifications and pictures on the Morgan Monroe website ( or on online catalogs and reviews.

How Do Morgan Monroe Mandolins Compare with Gibson F5 Mandolins

Gibson F5 mandolins are widely considered to be the holy grail of mandolins. They were designed by Lloyd Loar, a legendary engineer and musician who worked for Gibson in the early 1920s. Loar introduced many innovations to the mandolin design, such as a carved spruce top, f-holes, a longer neck, an adjustable bridge, and a scroll-shaped body. Loar also personally signed and dated each F5 mandolin he made between 1922 and 1924. These instruments are extremely rare and valuable today, fetching hundreds of thousands of dollars at auctions.

One of the most famous Gibson F5 mandolins is the one played by Bill Monroe, the father of bluegrass music. Monroe played a Gibson F5 model serial number 73987 signed by Loar on July 9, 1923 248dff8e21

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