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For most chess-players, opening study is sheer hard work. Itis hard to know what is important and what is not, and when specific knowledgeis vital, or when a more general understanding is sufficient. Tragically often,once the opening is over, a player won't know what plan to follow, or evenunderstand why his pieces are on the squares on which they sit. John Watsonseeks to help chess-players achieve a more holistic and insightful view of theopenings. In his previous books on chess strategy, he explained vital conceptsthat had previously been the domain only of top-class players. Here he doeslikewise for the openings, explaining how flexible thinking and notions such as'rule-independence' can apply to the opening too. Watson presents awide-ranging view of the way in which top-class players really handle theopening, rather than an idealized and simplified model.

This volume, focusing on queen's pawn openings, is a bookthat will make chess-players think hard about how they begin their games. Italso offers both entertainment and challenging study material in openings suchas the Nimzo-Indian, King's Indian and the entire Queen's Gambit complex.

"The book has convinced me entirely! Watson has managed topresent the most important openings after 1 d4 and analyses them in detail aswell as explaining the backgrounds. When he describes the SämischVariation in the King's Indian in nearly 8 pages you have the feeling you areholding a real classic in your hand. It may sound exaggerated, but I believeWatson is a sort of modern Aaron Nimzowitsch. Absolutely recommended!" -Martin Rieger,

"Even though volume one mostly deals with 1 e4 and volumetwo deals with 1 d4, the books nonetheless represent one body of work thatshould best be enjoyed together, and they are written by one of the finestauthors of the last several decades. ... To say that these books are aboutopening strategies or opening theory would be a disservice to the importance ofthe material covered in them. ... I found his chosen examples excellent and hiscommentary instructive and very enlightening. Whether you are an inexperiencedimproving player or a seasoned tournament player, you will learn loads fromstudying these books. His discussions of pawn structures and theirinterconnected strategies are worth the price of both books. Even I feel asthough my game has improved after having studied both volumes at length. ...The books convey an understanding of the opening that even specialized openingworks do not provide. ... I highly recommend the two volumes of Masteringthe Chess Openings to anyone who truly wants to improve their understandingof the openings and of chess in general. - Carsten Hansen,

"Although Watson leaves out a few openings (a6 slav forexample), what he does cover, he does well. Explaining the first moves of theopenings and then showing top level games and some other possible ideas fromthat position. Just like the first volume, he does a nice job of explaining theopenings and giving the reader a good feel for the position. If you liked thefirst volume or are just wishing to learn more about the d4 games in general,this is an excellent choice." - Andy May,

Do you need a well-deserved break from your normal chess openings Are you tired of constantly having to keep up with modern chess theory Or perhaps you simply wish to try out something new and exciting, but cannot decide amongst the embarrassment of choices available Look no further for the answer!

In Dangerous Weapons: The French, International Master John Watson takes a revolutionary look at one of the most famous and widely-played chess openings: the French Defence. Instead of travelling down well-trodden and analyzed paths, Watson concentrates on fresh or little-explored variations of the French, selecting a wealth of 'dangerous' options for both colours. Whether playing White or Black, a study of this book will leave you confident and fully-armed, and your o

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