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The Maze Runner Newt: A Tribute to Thomas Brodie-Sangster's Performance

The Maze Runner Newt: A Character Analysis

Newt is one of the main characters in The Maze Runner trilogy, a series of dystopian sci-fi novels by James Dashner and their film adaptations. He is a young boy who is trapped in a mysterious maze with other boys, known as Gladers, and later has to face a deadly virus that turns people into zombie-like creatures, known as Cranks. He is also the best friend of Thomas, the protagonist of the series, and the second-in-command of the Gladers.

The Maze Runner Newt

Newt is a complex and compelling character who undergoes a dramatic arc throughout the series. He is brave, loyal, smart, kind, sarcastic, and resilient. He is also troubled, conflicted, depressed, angry, and suicidal. He is a leader, a friend, a brother, a hero, and a victim. He is a character who inspires admiration, sympathy, empathy, and sadness.

In this article, we will explore Newt's character in depth, looking at his backstory, his journey, his fate, and his impact. We will also examine some of the themes and messages that his story conveys, as well as some of the reasons why fans love him and relate to him.

Newt's backstory

Newt's backstory is revealed gradually throughout the series, mostly through flashbacks and clues. We learn that he was born in England and had a younger sister named Lizzy. When he was around 12 years old, a global catastrophe known as the Flare virus broke out, killing millions of people and turning many others into Cranks. The Flare virus affects the brain and causes people to lose their sanity and become violent.

Newt and his sister were living with their parents in a basement when they were found by WICKED (World In Catastrophe: Killzone Experiment Department), a shady organization that claimed to be working on a cure for the Flare. WICKED knew that Lizzy was immune to the Flare virus, meaning that she could not be infected or affected by it. They wanted to take her away for testing, but Newt's parents resisted. WICKED agents killed them and took both Lizzy and Newt away.

Newt was separated from his sister and placed with other boys who were not immune to the Flare virus. They were given brain implants that allowed WICKED to monitor their brain activity. They were also subjected to various experiments and trials designed to test their intelligence, creativity, memory, emotions, etc. One of these trials was the Maze Trial, where they were sent to a giant maze with no memory of their past lives.

Newt was one of the first boys to arrive in the Maze. He befriended Alby and Minho, who became the leaders of the Gladers. He also became a Runner, one of the boys who explored the Maze every day, looking for a way out. He was good at running and mapping, but he hated the Maze and its dangers. One day, he attempted suicide by jumping off the Maze wall, but he survived with a broken leg. He was left with a permanent limp and a scar on his neck. He also gave up being a Runner and became the second-in-command of the Gladers.

Newt's journey

Newt's journey begins when Thomas arrives in the Maze. Thomas is different from the other Gladers. He is curious, rebellious, and determined to escape the Maze. He also has a connection to Teresa, the first and only girl to arrive in the Maze, who claims to know him from before. Newt is initially wary of Thomas and his actions, but he also sees his potential and his courage. He becomes his friend and ally, supporting him and trusting him.

Newt helps Thomas and the other Runners to find clues and patterns in the Maze. He also defends Thomas when he breaks the rules by entering the Maze at night to save Alby and Minho from the Grievers, the monstrous creatures that roam the Maze. He agrees to make Thomas a Runner and to let him lead an expedition to the Griever Hole, where they discover a code that leads them to the exit of the Maze.

Newt escapes the Maze with Thomas and most of the other Gladers, only to find out that they were part of an experiment by WICKED. They are taken to a facility where they are told that they are immune to the Flare virus and that they have to undergo another trial in order to find a cure. They are also told that some of them are actually not immune, but they are not told who.

Newt follows Thomas and some of the other Gladers as they escape the facility and enter the Scorch, a barren and dangerous wasteland where most of the Cranks live. They encounter many obstacles and enemies along the way, such as storms, traps, bounty hunters, rebels, etc. They also meet Brenda and Jorge, two former WICKED employees who help them reach a safe haven where they hope to find answers and allies.

Newt survives the Scorch Trial with Thomas and some of the other Gladers, but he also learns that he is not immune to the Flare virus. He is devastated by this revelation, as he knows that he will eventually become a Crank and lose himself. He begs Thomas to kill him if he ever turns into one, but Thomas refuses. He also discovers that WICKED has been manipulating their memories and emotions all along, making them doubt their own reality and identity.

Newt's fate

Newt's fate is tragic and heartbreaking. He slowly succumbs to the Flare virus, becoming more aggressive, paranoid, and irrational. He starts to isolate himself from his friends and lash out at them. He also starts to write notes to himself, reminding him of who he is and what he wants. One of these notes is addressed to Thomas, asking him to kill him.

Newt is captured by WICKED along with Thomas and some of the other Gladers. They are taken to a facility known as the Last City, where WICKED plans to extract their brain tissue in order to create a cure for the Flare virus. Newt is locked up in a cell with other infected people, where he suffers from hallucinations and pain.

Newt manages to escape his cell and find Thomas in the facility. He confronts him with a gun and begs him to kill him. He shows him his note, which reads: \"Kill me. If you've ever been my friend, kill me.\" Thomas is reluctant and tries to reason with him, but Newt is too far gone. He shoots himself in the chest, but misses his heart. He falls to the ground, bleeding and dying.

Thomas rushes to Newt's side and holds him in his arms. He tells him that he is his friend and that he loves him. He then shoots him in the head, ending his misery. Thomas cries over Newt's body, mourning his loss and honoring his wish.


Newt's story is one of the most emotional and powerful ones in The Maze Runner trilogy. It explores themes such as friendship, loyalty, leadership, courage, sacrifice, despair, hopelessness, identity, memory, choice, etc. It also raises questions about morality, ethics, humanity, survival, etc.

# Article with HTML formatting (continued) relatable for his struggles, his pain, his flaws, his doubts, etc. He is a character who makes us laugh, cry, cheer, and mourn.

Why fans love Newt

There are many reasons why fans love Newt and consider him their favorite character in The Maze Runner franchise. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Newt is a Hufflepuff. Many fans identify with the Hufflepuff house, which values hard work, loyalty, patience, kindness, etc. Newt is one of the few prominent characters who represents this house in the franchise, and he does so with pride and honor. He also shows that Hufflepuffs can be brave, smart, and heroic.

  • Newt is played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster. Many fans are attracted to the actor who portrays Newt in the films. Thomas Brodie-Sangster is known for his roles in other popular movies and shows, such as Love Actually, Nanny McPhee, Game of Thrones, etc. He is also known for his charming accent, his cute appearance, and his acting skills.

  • Newt is compassionate about animals. Many fans admire Newt's love and care for the creatures he encounters in the Maze and beyond. He treats them with respect and curiosity, and he tries to protect them from harm. He also has a special bond with Chuck, a young Glader who becomes his surrogate brother.

  • Newt is quirky and funny. Many fans enjoy Newt's humor and personality. He often makes sarcastic remarks and jokes that lighten up the mood and make us smile. He also has some unique habits and expressions that make him stand out from the crowd.

  • Newt keeps us guessing. Many fans are intrigued by Newt's mystery and complexity. He has a lot of secrets and hidden layers that we discover gradually throughout the series. He also has a lot of potential and surprises that we don't expect from him.

  • Newt is creative and resourceful. Many fans appreciate Newt's ingenuity and adaptability. He is able to use his skills and knowledge to solve problems and overcome challenges. He also has a lot of imagination and vision that help him create new possibilities and opportunities.

  • Newt is relatable and realistic. Many fans relate to Newt's struggles and emotions. He is not a perfect or idealized character. He has flaws and weaknesses that make him human and believable. He also has feelings and thoughts that make him sympathetic and empathetic.

Newt's legacy

Newt's legacy lives on in The Maze Runner franchise and beyond. He is a character who has touched many hearts and minds with his story and his message. He is a character who has inspired many people to be brave, loyal, kind, smart, funny, creative, etc.

Newt's legacy also lives on in the fandom and the culture. He is a character who has sparked many discussions, debates, analyses, fan arts, fan fictions, memes, etc. He is a character who has created many connections, friendships, communities, etc.

Newt's legacy also lives on in us. He is a character who has taught us many lessons, values, morals, etc. He is a character who has challenged us to think differently, to feel deeply, to act boldly, etc.


  • Q: What does Newt mean by \"the glue\"?

  • A: Newt calls himself \"the glue\" because he believes that his role is to keep the Gladers together and united. He thinks that he is the one who can calm them down, cheer them up, motivate them, etc.

  • Q: What does Newt's note say in the book?

  • A: In the book version of The Death Cure, Newt's note says: \"Tommy, Please. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry You're my best friend Mate Kill me Kill me Kill me If you've ever been my friend, kill me. Love, Newt\"

  • Q: What does Newt's tattoo say?

  • A: In the film version of The Scorch Trials, Newt reveals that he has a tattoo on his arm that says \"WICKED is good\". This is a phrase that WICKED used to brainwash the subjects of their experiments, making them believe that they were doing something good for humanity.

  • Q: What is Newt's real name?

  • A: Newt's real name is Isaac Newton, as revealed in The Fever Code. He was named after the famous scientist and mathematician.

  • Q: What is Newt's sister's name?

  • A: Newt's sister's name is Lizzy, as revealed in The Fever Code. She is also known as Sonya, one of the girls from Group B.


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