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Rocky 4 Training Montage Movie Version Download TOP

What's the first montage you remember seeing in movies or TV? I think the one from The Godfather stands out for me. I was probably too young to see a bunch of mafiosos killed to the prophetic words of the Michael rejecting Satan, but hey, I turned out okay.

Rocky 4 Training Montage Movie Version Download

There are many famous movie montages, so I went with the one my group thread suggested to me first. The one in Goodfellas set to Layla. Holy crap is this an amazing montage. Basically, its purpose is to show a power shift within the mafia. Told via a voiceover and including a sick Clapton track, we understand that burying the evidence means burying some stiffs.

Now, as you'll note, we never see the words "montage" appear in these scenes. It's something that was built in the edit and not necessarily on the page. I think leaving it up to the editor is a fine way. This entire movie is written in a way where we'll be seeing a series of scenes over the voiceover anyway.

Come on; you knew you couldn't get through a post on montages without us talking about training. I wanted to pick Rocky, but I thought I'd go with one of its main influences, and the first montage I remember seeing as a kid. The Karate Kid inspired me to kick my brother in the face.

Below we break down every single exercise from the training montages featured in the first, second, third, fourth, and sixth Rocky installments (in Rocky V, Balboa takes a break from fighting himself to train another boxer). Some of the exercises remain consistent across the various films, while each installment also incorporates new moves and methods.

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