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The Olympus symphonic choir collection contains five unique, totally immersive, immersive and ecstatic, never-before-seen-quality choir scoring systems which in each sense inspire and will challenge you. Nocturnus is the most warm, round and convincing choir with shimmering microtonal elements. It sets the stage for the next two, almost almost surreal and almost kind of scary, as Evernus is a very dark, sharp, resonant, sampling from the extremes of chilling half-temperament. Now to take things to the next plateau, Visus is truly almost unbelievable. It is the male counterpart to Evernus and hits closer to the realm of hyper-realism. And if that were not enough, the Olympus collection then discovers Lydus, which is steeped in the rigorous and tonally contrasted nature of modern classical music performance styles. Every single instrument has a different engine and each one of these choruses is powered by one of these engines, so each one is truly unique. In short, these collections redefine the skills of a choir production system!

The Syuzhet system provides a wide range of articulation effects and polyphonic effects. It is an 8-audio-instrument ambisonic ambiance engine. Syuzhet is designed to have a large number of maximum Polyphony capabilities. Syuzhet has been recorded at 400Hz sampling rate. Its innovative Spark engine is helpful for light work and it can deal with long stream in a very friendly way. Syuzhet has been recorded with several positions of ceiling mics, so the users can have an unlimited number of choirs. Syuzhet 4.0 is a very simplified version of Syuzhet that includes the great Synth development features that all users will enjoy. Syuzhet 4.0 has 5 midi controllers that the user can control. If the user is not interested in synthesizing midi, but only play or record at any other purpose, then Syuzhet 4.0 will serve the user also.

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