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THERMOFISHER AMIRA 2019.1 Key File 2019 Download

THERMOFISHER AMIRA 2019.1 Key File 2019 Download =====

Thermo Fisher Scientific Amira Software: A Powerful Solution for 2D-5D Microscopy Image Visualization and Analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific Amira Software is a comprehensive and versatile software solution for visualizing, analyzing and understanding life science and biomedical research images from many image modalities, including Optical and Electron Microscopy, CT, MRI and other imaging techniques[^1^] [^2^].

With incredible speed and flexibility, Amira Software supports advanced 2D-5D bioimaging workflows in research areas ranging from structural and cellular biology to tissue imaging, neuroscience, preclinical imaging and bioengineering. From any 3D image data, including time series and multi-channel, Amira Software delivers a comprehensive range of data visualization, processing and analysis capabilities. Amira Software allows life science and biomedical researchers to gain invaluable insights into their data, at different scales and from any modality.

Some of the key features of Amira Software are:

Confidence: Thanks to powerful segmentation and image processing capabilities and workflows, and after 20+ years of collaboration with the scientific community and thousands of researchers, it has been now proven that our digital imaging-based workflows provide reliable answers to biomedical and life science research.

Customization: Because your needs are unique and keep evolving, our software solutions are fully flexible and open to customization. Thanks to our scripting interface ( Python, TCL), bridge with MATLAB, and our programming API, you can expand our software solution and integrate your own IP (Intellectual Property). And, if needed, our professional service team can help you design unique solutions tailored to your needs.

Support: Thanks to our dedicated professional support team, you get access to our top experts to ensure that no question is left unanswered. And with our training, consulting options, and ever-expanding collection of tutorials and how-toâs, you can reduce your learning curve and focus on getting the answers you are pursuing.

Automation: Thanks to our automation capabilities, and with the addition of our always expanding online repository of add-ons ( Xtra Gallery ), you can encapsulate repeatable workflows into easy-to-reproduce recipes. With the addition of artificial intelligence, analysis can be performed by non-image processing experts, allowing them to save time on complex analysis while ensuring results consistency.

If you want to try Amira Software for yourself, you can download a free trial version from the Thermo Fisher Scientific website[^3^]. You will need a key file to activate the software after installation. You can request a key file by filling out a form on the website or contacting your local sales representative.

Amira Software is a powerful tool for life science and biomedical research that can help you visualize, process and analyze your microscopy images in 2D-5D. Whether you are working with Optical or Electron Microscopy, CT, MRI or other imaging modalities, Amira Software can help you gain insights into your data at different scales and from any modality. aa16f39245

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