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Millionaire Real Estate Agent

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is a step-by-step, actionable guide on how any agent, whether just getting started in their career or an experienced veteran, can earn and net a million dollars in annual income. The MREA teaches a specific roadmap to success, using four models that are essential in building a successful career in real estate.

Millionaire Real Estate Agent

Over the last 14 years, the book has proven itself to be the industry standard for putting real estate agents on the path to success. The message and vision of MREA has been expanded by the countless number of people who continue to live and teach it every day. The PiperPartners Team regularly relies on the MREA in order to provide guidance for the way our team does business.

We improve lives by delivering 5-star real estate service with the highest levels of competence, trust, and integrity. We are known as connected, compassionate, and giving leaders in the communities we serve.

The PiperPartners Team at Keller Williams Realty in Ann Arbor is one of the top-ranking and fastest-growing real estate teams in Southeast Michigan. Piperpartners serves Washtenaw, West-Wayne, Livingston, and parts of Oakland counties, including: Ann Arbor, Brighton, Canton, Chelsea, Dexter, Milan, Northville, Plymouth, Saline, South Lyon, and Ypsilanti.

As always, we are here, ready to be your partner in success. So schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session today and learn how we can help you with prospecting, administrative tasks, marketing collateral, and even transaction coordination. So start growing your millionaire real estate team now!

Gary Keller is an American entrepreneur and best-selling author. He is the founder of Keller Williams, which is the largest real estate company in the world by agent count and second in closed sales volume, and units sold.[1] Keller founded Keller Williams on training and education and later brought his teachings to print. His books include The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, and The ONE Thing. He is the executive chairman at KWx, the holding company that oversees all Keller Williams properties,[1] and is considered one of the most influential people in real estate.[2]

While at Baylor, Keller spent time shadowing professionals in the fields of law, accounting, banking, and real estate.[5] It was at that time that he became interested in real estate and began to pursue a real estate and insurance degree program that had just started at the university.[5] His senior year he was interviewed by various real estate companies who came to Baylor looking for graduates.[5] Following graduation in 1979, Keller moved to Austin where he began his career in real estate.[6]

The company grew to be the largest real estate agency in the Austin area within two years. After expansion and franchising, it became the largest real estate franchise by agent count in North America and the only privately held global residential real estate brokerage, reaching over 100,000 agents worldwide in 2014[9] and surpassing 180,000 agents by 2018.[10]

Keller began writing during his early years at Keller Williams Realty. He established KellerINK for the publishing of instructional and inspirational business books with a specialty in real estate. His first book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, was co-authored with Dave Jenks and Jay Papasan and released in 2004.[14] The book made the best-seller list on BusinessWeek.[15] He co-authored a second book, The Millionaire Real Estate Investor, in 2005 along with Papasan and Jenks.[16] This book became a New York Times best-seller.[17]

In addition to writing and real estate, Keller has been involved in other ventures including that of an investor. He has invested in companies such as the Austin-based Music & Entertainment Television.[22] Keller is also a public speaker[23] and was a panelist for the nonprofit Relationship & Information Series for Entrepreneurs in 2013 along with former Texas Longhorns quarterback Vince Young.[24]

Keller teaches a business and life development course to young adults both in Austin and through his alma mater, Baylor University. He has been a supporter of Baylor since his graduation, and in 2007 he donated the funds for a residential real estate research center at the Hankamer School of Business.[27] The Keller Center, as it was named, studies consumer behavior, marketing strategies, and management solutions.[28] In 2013, Keller launched ALL ATX, a nonprofit with a goal to educate musicians on how to build successful careers in the Austin music industry.[29]

As with most sales roles, a winning personality and the ability to convince others are skills necessary to close a real estate deal. However, it takes far more than that to create a successful, sustainable real estate business.

And finally, by leveraging people, systems and tools, you can cut down your workload while maximizing income. For example, you can start employing other real estate agents and take a commission of the deals they close. Or you can make your job easier by hiring an administrator to manage your office and lead database, as well as direct your advertising and social media efforts. This will leave you with more time to focus on sales.

And for those people you know well, you should aim to communicate with them 33 times a year, sending birthday cards, personal emails, other real estate listings and general reports about the real estate market.

It probably seems silly that I'm reviewing "The Millionaire Real Estate Agent." It's a book that came out in 2004 — a book that every agent seeking to build a real estate business should have read by now. You guessed it: I like this book.

Yes, Gary Keller is the founder of Keller Williams Realty, but don't let that deter your from reading his book. It's not an attempt to recruit. The company is only mentioned a handful of times throughout the book. What's important is that Keller truly gives great information for agents looking to build their business. From his discussion of the three L's (leads, listings and leverage) to his insight of how successful real estate agents think, Keller provides a road map to a successful career.

The book takes a handbook-style approach to helping agents design their businesses. If you're getting into real estate and you're trying to figure out your model, why re-invent the wheel? Keller outlines successful real estate business models based on the experiences of successful agents across the country. He provides interesting quotes and lessons from millionaire agents throughout the text. Don't overlook these short insights — they're gems.

Keller says, In this industry, your limits are truly self-defined. Your approach, your ability, and your willingness to do the work of real estate sales will be the greatest determining factors for your success."

I am sharing my story of how I went from rock-bottom to millionaire real estate agent, and why I created Agent Grad School. The number one question I have been getting asked is why start another business when you already have a thriving real estate business.

When you begin your real estate sales business it is just that, a business. Make sure you watch your money. In my interviews with hundreds and hundreds of real estate agents I have found that financial literacy in regards to your real estate business is sorely lacking. Take these four steps to set yourself up with success;

Thank you to Platinum Title, LLC for sponsoring this podcast and supporting Inclusion Connections through PawsAbilities and the Emma Lengquist Memorial Puppy Parade.Looking to get your real estate license? Check out the Kansas Real Estate School.

With relatively low start-up costs and no hard ceilings, a real estate career seems perfectly tailored for any ambitious entrepreneur. In this industry, your limits are truly self-defined. Your approach, your ability, andyour willingness to do the work of real estate sales will be the greatest determining factors for your success. In his book The Aladdin Factor, Mark Victor Hansen teaches us that in life the size of our answers is determinedby the size of our questions. With The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, we will ask, explore, and answer the most important question anyone in real estate sales could ever ask of themselves, How do I, as a real estate sales person, take my sales income to the highest level possible? Believe it or not, it is a simple question with a simple answer. In this book, we will lay out for you how to think like a Millionaire Real Estate Agent. Then, we will show you, step by step, how to earn and net a million in annual income. Finally, we will point out the path to receiving a million in passive income.

Truthfully, I believe that the key to becoming your very best is to think at a very high level. If, by reading this book, you can get your mind around the concepts in the chapter entitled, Think a Million, and learn to think like a Millionaire Real Estate Agent, youll discover that earning, netting, and receiving the most money possible from your real estate career will seem much more attainable to you. Read the full chapter here.

Gary Keller is the founder and chairman of the board of Keller Williams Realty International the largest privately held real estate agency in the United States. It is also one of the fastest-growing agencies in the United States with more than 30000 agents.

Anyone who wants to turn their real estate practice into a highly successful business must understand the fundamental models that drive the best real estate agents in the industry. In The Millionaire Real Estate Agent these models are revealed and explained. This book represents the culmination of decades of real estate experience, research, and consulting, with case studies from some of the top millionaire agents in the U.S. 041b061a72

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