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Download BlackHole: A Fun and Challenging Puzzle Game

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download black hole

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The idea was to point each telescope toward the same galaxy at the same time to capture an image of the black hole believed to lurk at its center. By itself, each telescope would be too weak, and all it would see is noise, extraneous data that would interfere with capturing a good image. The black hole would be there, but be too dim to see.

However, with an array of telescopes observing simultaneously and comparison of the data from each telescope after the fact, a computer could tease out an image of the black hole. The method might work in theory, but making it work in practice would demand the recording of data from the telescopes at bandwidths tens of thousands of times faster than ever before. No ordinary hard drive could transcribe this fire hose of data.

Last year the Event Horizon Telescope released the first image of a black hole, a stunning feat decades in the making. As Doeleman later testified to Congress, NSF support was crucial. Without early funding for this technology behind astronomy, this observational tour-de-force could never have happened.

Images for download on the MIT News office website are made available to non-commercial entities, press and the general public under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives license. You may not alter the images provided, other than to crop them to size. A credit line must be used when reproducing images; if one is not provided below, credit the images to "MIT."

The new image of Sgr A* follows the first-ever image of a black hole, which was obtained by the EHT in 2019. That groundbreaking image was of M87*, the supermassive black hole at the center of Messier 87, a galaxy located 53 million light years from Earth.

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M87* is a goliath compared to Sgr A*, with a mass of 6.5 billion suns (more than 1,000 times heavier than our own black hole), and a size that could easily swallow the entire solar system. And yet the image of M87* reveals a bright ring structure, much like Sgr A*. The similarity between the two images confirms another prediction of general relativity: that all black holes are alike, no matter their size.

The images of both black holes are based on data taken by the EHT of the respective sources in 2017. However, it took far more time and effort to bring Sgr A* into focus, due to its smaller size and its location within our own galaxy.

The fact that Sgr A* lies in our own galaxy also presented an imaging challenge. M87* sits in a galaxy that is offset from our own, making it easier to see. In contrast, Sgr A* lies at the center of our own galactic plane, which hosts pockets of heated gas, or turbulent plasma, that can distort any emissions from the black hole that reach the Earth.

We can surmise a lot about the origin of black holes from their size. Scientists know how some types of black holes form, yet the formation of others is a mystery. There are three different types of black holes, categorized by their size: stellar-mass, intermediate-mass, and supermassive black holes.

Stellar-mass black holes are found throughout our Milky Way galaxy and have masses less than about 100 times that of our Sun. They comprise one of the possible endpoints of the lives of high-mass stars. Stars are fueled by the nuclear fusion of hydrogen, which forms helium and other elements deep in their interiors. The outflow of energy from the central regions of the star provides the pressure necessary to keep the star from collapsing under its own weight.

Supermassive black holes contain between a million and a billion times as much mass as a stellar-mass black hole. Scientists are uncertain how supermassive black holes form, but one theory is that they result from the combining of stellar-mass black holes.

Black holes hold allure for everyone from young children to professional astronomers. For astronomers, in particular, learning about Sagittarius A* is important because it provides insights into the formation of our galaxy and black holes themselves.

Black holes, though invisible to the human eye, can be detected by observing their effects on nearby space and matter. As a result of their enormous mass, black holes have extremely high gravity, which pulls in surrounding material at rapid speeds, causing this material to become very hot and emit X-rays.

To directly image the matter surrounding a black hole, thus revealing the silhouette of the black hole itself, scientists from around the world collaborated to create the Event Horizon Telescope. The Event Horizon Telescope harnesses the combined power of numerous telescopes around the world that can detect radio-wave emissions from the sky to create a virtual telescope the size of Earth.

In 2019, the team released the first image of a black hole's silhouette when they captured the glowing gasses surrounding the M87* galactic black hole nearly 53 million light-years (318 quintillion miles) away from Earth. The team then announced that one of their next endeavors was to image Sagittarius A*.

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