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The reason we do not typically purchase properties with wetlands on them is that it is very difficult to build on a federally-designated wetland since federal wetlands are protected by various laws and federal agencies.

buy my land

In some circumstances, if the parcel is in a state-designated wetland, wetland check-zone or cut-through, we will consider purchasing it under the right circumstances depending on the specific state or local regulations involved.

If the state offers to complete a wetlands delineation, which determines definitely whether there are wetlands on the property, we will ask that this be completed before purchasing the land.

The amount of dues that we are able to pay depends on several factors discussed above, including the other characteristics of the property, the closing costs involved, the price of the land, and our estimation of the market value.

Again, the property will usually need to go through probate in the county in which the property is located before you can sell your land to us, even if a will is present and clearly indicates that you are the heir.

It is important to note that New York does have additional environmental concerns that we look into when we purchase a piece of property, including state-designated wetlands and check zones.

If a property is in a wetlands check zone, we will need a wetlands designation completed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to verify that there are no wetlands on the land.

Honestly, the whole transaction could not go any smoother. We wanted to get rid of our land because it was becoming such a burden for us. It was relief to find out that the guys at Easy Land Sell could take it off our hands without any sort of hiccups.

We sold another piece of property to a different company and they made us sign a bunch of forms and it was a very lengthy process. With Easylandsell, it was simple. It was a one-time thing. We signed the papers online one night and pretty much just waited for the check.

We run an individual title examination (at our expense) on each property we purchase and will determine through our research if any title issues exist. We have years of experience working with complicated title issues and can often find a solution. Each situation is different. We aim to help you through the process, and help provide the necessary resources to fix title issues when necessary. Depending on the state and county where the land is located and the circumstances involved, we may be able to quiet the title, file probate, or explore other creative options to clear the title.

After the consultation, we are going to visit your land so that we can craft the best sales strategy for your land in your presence. Such visits make it easy for us to provide you with an idealist solution to sell your land as is. Most of the times we make cash offers on the spot after having a look at the land.

Selling vacant land is tough. The value is in potential use. Figuring out permitted construction requires consultation with developers, builders, architects, zoning attorneys, city officials, and the zoning board.

In most cases, the land investor you decide to work with will hire a title company or real estate attorney to handle the purchase and sale of your vacant land. This means that you will have a third-party working for you on your behalf.

No. Many times, depending on the land buyer you want to work with, the buyer will offer to pay off all back taxes and liens on your property. Plus, many land buyers will also offer to pay closing costs. This means the cash offer to sell your land you see is the amount of cash you will receive.

Selling Land Fast is a company that buys land across the United States. As a cash land buyer, we help land owners turn vacant land into cash! If you need to sell land fast, we buy land including commercial land. Get a free offer today and sell your land for cash!

There are only two ways you can sell land in Georgia. You can take the conventional route of hiring a realtor or looking for a land buyer yourself. Or, you can directly sell your land to Breyer Home Buyers.

The traditional option has been the default choice for millions of landowners for almost a century. It is only now that you can completely avoid the painstaking route and the uncertain waiting to sell your property. We buy land in Georgia and we offer a simple, quick and straightforward proposition that you would not get anywhere else.

Would you want to pay hefty commissions to a realtor to facilitate the sale of your land or would you prefer selling your land directly to Breyer Home Buyers where you do not pay for anything?

We would send an executive to your land and we will ascertain the fair value of your property. Our backend research team will work on the technicalities, such as checking the ownership details including registration, approval of building codes and other formalities that are essential to the sale.

There is no other way you can secure an offer within such a turnaround time. Whether you hire a realtor or you try to search for prospective land buyers yourself, you would never get an offer in twenty-four hours.

Many realtors keep relying on appraisals and landowners are lead to believe that they are necessary, despite them having very little to no impact on the eventual offer from land buyers. Many property owners decide on the asking price based on their expected returns on investment and what the appraisals infer.

These do not have a bearing on every land buyer. You should not pay for such useless appraisals. It is pointless to have an assessment of the value of your land when the implied ask price would never be realized. Instead, you can get a purchase offer from us within twenty-four hours and decide if you would like to go ahead for a quick sale of your land.

Breyer Home Buyers has the necessary capital on standby that can fund the purchase of any type of land in Georgia. Since we do not have to wait for banks or mortgage companies to fund our purchase, we can move swiftly and complete the transaction within a new and unmatchable time.

There is no other way you can sell your land in Georgia in 14 days. Even if you have a land buyer interested in your property and promises to close the deal, there will be external influences that will prevent a quick sale.

The bank or the mortgage provider may cause a delay. The land buyer may have a change of heart. There are variables beyond your control. Most landowners will be unable to sell their properties in a month. Closing a sale in 14 days is unthinkable and near impossible for most landowners.

You can challenge all such prevailing notions and practices, effectively avoid them and sell your land to Breyer Home Buyers. Landowners have cash credited into their accounts within 14 days when we buy land in Georgia.

One of the reasons why we can make an offer twenty-four four hours and close a deal within 14 days is our receptiveness for all types of land. We do not have a shortlist of the kinds of properties that we will entertain or accept.

There are websites where you can list your land for sale. Some of them will charge you a fee and others will provide the service for free. Many will have free generic lists and premium or sponsored lists. You may be encouraged to pay for sponsored or premium listing to generate more traction.

You will have to put up a sign for sale. You might have to hire a realtor. A real estate agent will always charge a commission on the sale of the land. Beyond the obvious commission, a realtor may need you to invest in advertising and promotions.

There are a ton of ways to promote land for sale. You may find some methods to be practically useful and there are indeed some effective strategies. However, you do not need to invest in such campaigns and deal with an uncertain process when you have Breyer Home Buyers that can buy your land outright. You can choose to take any of the indirect routes or you can choose to sell your land directly to us.

Breyer Home Buyers does not charge a cent, at any stage and for any purpose. Why should you pay a realtor when you do not have to pay anything to sell your land to Breyer Home Buyers?

It is not just the commissions, advertising costs, and marketing expenses. Many landowners have to pay for property survey inspections and appraisals. These can be costly and before you know it, you will be set back by a few thousand dollars.

Many landowners spend tens of thousands to make their properties more desirable. They expect a substantial gain in the asking price that can be quoted but not everyone will regain that investment. It is quite possible the property would remain unsold or the asking price would remain unchanged even after the surveying and cleaning up the property.

We do not require property owners to make any changes to their land when we buy land in Georgia. We buy all types of land, regardless of the condition they are in. You do not have to clean up the property or make any changes.

Even if there is a professional property inspection, we get it done and it is our organization that pays for it. You do not pay for any appraisal or any process that is involved in the sale of land. There are legal and financial formalities, all of which are taken care of by us. All you have to do is express your intent to sell the land you own and we will present you an offer within twenty-four hours. 041b061a72

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