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3D model available in these formats:- 3ds Max 2020 (.max) V-Ray Next 4.20.00- 3ds Max 2015 (.max) V-Ray 3.60.03- 3ds Max 2013 (.max) V-Ray 3.60.03- 3ds Max 2010 (.max) V-Ray 2.20.02- Autodesk FBX 2018 (.fbx)- Autodesk FBX 2014 (.fbx)- Autodesk FBX 2012 (.fbx)- Autodesk FBX 2006 (.fbx)- Wavefront OBJ (.obj)- Stereolithography STL (.stl)

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The 26th Dusty Film & Animation Festival will be held in New York City, Saturday, May 9 through Tuesday, May 12, 2015. The four-day event will showcase more than 100 films and animations from students graduating this spring.

In order to estimate the level of association between the anxiety responses to the stimuli and the virtual presence scales we employed, the Spearman robust correlation coefficient was used, which is based on rank scores (Bishara and Hittner, 2015, 2017). Similarly, Spearman correlation coefficient was used to estimate the level of association between the anxiety responses and the clinical scales. According to Cohen (1992), correlation levels of 0.10, 0.30, and 0.50 can be considered as small, medium, and large, respectively.

It is also necessary to highlight the differences and similarities found in relation to the anxiety levels generated by each stimulus. In this sense, it was found that the moderate anxiety levels provoked with the bread with mold and the rotten meat were higher than the ones induced by the garbage bag and the shoe. These results can be related to the fact that taste is the sense that most relates with disgust, which is the most sensitized emotion in patients with OCD and which can generate anxiety (Pineda et al., 2015; Bhikram et al., 2017; Knowles et al., 2019). These findings agree with previous studies that show that edible contaminated stimuli generate more disgust and anxiety responses than non-edible ones (Vicario et al., 2017). 1e1e36bf2d

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