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[S2E5] Rescuing The Pixies

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[S2E5] Rescuing The Pixies

The earthquake from the previous episode forced the girls and Sky out of the caves. They try to come up with a different way to reach the castle. Stella can't teleport them in, and it's too risky to use the demoleculizer so high up. Layla does her best to guess how far down the citadel is. Chatta, Tune, Digit, Amore, and Lockette are locked in a cage. Lockette is scared, and asks if they'll end up like the others (i.e. dead). Darkar uses a talking snake to try and get information out of them. The pixies try to stay as still as they can. Lockette almost tells him where the village is, but Chatta tells them that the reason they're all still alive is because he needs information from them. The others advise Stella to stay in the sunlight instead of going back underground, but she's determined to complete their mission so they can rescue Brandon. Layla finds some wood that they can use as snowboards to help them get down faster. In both this episode and the last one, Bloom was annoyed at Layla and Sky because she thought they liked each other. Sky was just being a gentleman! Bloom does make a complete fool of herself though. I see the seeds of her horrible attitude have been planted. The rock in this area is brittle, but this means they can use the demoleculizer. They finally reach the castle. They have to cross the rope bridge. At Alfea, Tecna and Musa meet a pixie named Livy. She's clumsy and always hits her head. She didn't go to the festival in the woods because she was recovering from an injury, and was in the pixie village. When the others never came back, they knew something was wrong, but were too scared to do anything. Layla came and said she'd help them, but then she didn't come back either, so they sent Livy, the pixie of messages, to go find help. Darkar sees this and mentions how informative this is. Livy is relieved that Piff is alright. Layla says she's going on ahead to find the pixies. Sky and Bloom help Stella, who is complaining about the lack of sunlight. You should've listened to the others Stella. Layla transforms, but she can't destroy the seal with magic. The Trix attack Sky, Bloom, and Stella. They're easily beaten thanks to the Trix's new powers. Layla tries to break the cage with physical force, but hurts her elbow. The Trix are about to kill the girls and Sky, but Layla intervenes. She's beaten too, but they're saved by some type of man with wings. He says very little and leaves. The pixies have been freed. Stella bonds with Amore, and Bloom bonds with Lockette. Amore is the pixie of love, and Lockette is the pixie of portals. The pixies were freed when the barrier suddenly just disappeared. Almost like someone freed them on purpose. Stella reminds them that they still have to rescue Brandon.

At Hexside, Luz finds Gus in the hallway, upset because he messed up after trying to help Willow with a pixie problem. He used illusions to try and distract them, but he accidentally caused the pixies to attack Willow instead. Because of this, Gus has lost all confidence regarding his ability to perform illusion magic and feels he should try something different. Luz assures him that he will feel better tomorrow, but when the next day comes, he feels even worse.

The new school year begins at Alfea, but in a evil realm called the Under-Realm, in a place calles ShadowHuant, a group of pixies: Amore, Blinky, Chatta, Digit, Lockette, Piff, Tune and Zing, are trapped in the dungeon of ShawdowHuant located in a cell that is taking all of their powers. Their best friend, Layla, a fairy princess from the Realm of Tides, goes to the Under-Realm to try and save her best friends, while she must also fight for her life in the Palace of ShadowHuant. Layla is also losing most of her powers and that is making it harder to try and rescue her friends. Air Date : 19th-Apr-2005 Read More

Layla, Bloom, Stella, and Sky successfully reach ShadowHuant. Meanwhile, Layla saves the remaining pixies and late

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