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In the present study, the most remarkable histopathological change in the wounded skin of A. aspera extract-treated group was the presence of remarkable wound healing compared to untreated group. Antioxidant activity of A. aspera might be attributed to the presence of free radical scavenging compounds. The triterpenes present in the extract might have played a role in antioxidant activity. The secondary metabolites present in the extract may have acted as free radical scavengers by inhibiting formation of free radicals. It has been reported that guggulsterone, a triterpenic compound present in A.

Rapid diagnosis and early treatment remain the key to the prevention of complications, including the development of congestive heart failure. With the more widespread use of the newer noninvasive imaging techniques to detect myocarditis, physicians can treat these patients earlier and thus prevent the progression of the disease.

Cells play a pivotal role in the repair process and cytokines serve as markers of the process ( Beswick, Ogilvie, Beadle, & Caplan, 1981 ; Negus, 1981 ). The epidermis of the control group showed degeneration of cells, thinning and disintegration of cell membranes. However, the MEAA-treated group showed an increase in the number of cells in the wound tissue, nuclei preservation, nucleoli, presence of lipid droplets in the cytoplasm, large numbers of proteins in the intercellular space, and few necrotic cells in the area. Also, MEAA is capable of preserving the cell boundaries in the skin, which prevents cracks and slits in the cell membranes. The histopathological study indicates normal maturation of the epidermal cells and regeneration of skin structure in the MEAA-treated group when compared with controls. 3d9ccd7d82

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