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Total Wireless Where To Buy

Switching your phone plan to a cheaper provider like Total Wireless is a great way to save a few bucks each month. But if you really want to cut a large chunk off your monthly wireless bill, you should be looking at family plans.

total wireless where to buy


Total by Verizon provides access to the same high-speed towers that Verizon utilizes themselves. Customers have access to the same 4G/LTE network, 5G Nationwide network and 5G Ultra Wideband network where available.

I'm patiently waiting for TW to figure this out. In the interim I am using my old sim in the new phone....getting good 5G where I live but notice only one bar while out and about were I use to get five bars of LTE....Looking at Visible phone company as an also uses the VZ network.

Had same problem. Bought the iphone 12 unlocked from Apple website. TW said the IMEI (read it to them three times) showed the phone is not unlocked/not usable. Talked to TW level 2 tech support. Called AppleCare who said that the phone is not locked and couldn't figure it out. It's a shame. Someone recommended Visible wireless as an alternative. I will check out Visible.

Total Wireless offers 3 family share plans where data from the first line is shared with each additional line. A maximum of 4-lines is available with family share. Auto-refill discounts are available on each plan.

At launch, the companies cell phone plans and phones were sold exclusively through Walmart and the Total Wireless website. Now the plans can be purchased virtually anywhere including Target, Amazon, and Best Buy. SIM cards can often be found on Amazon for $1. They are regularly sold through the Total Wireless website for $9.99. In some states, there are even Total Wireless/Tracfone branded stores where plans can be purchased.

Sep 14, 2020Verizon has reached an agreement to buy TracFone, the country's leading prepaid mobile provider and largest reseller of wireless services. TracFone operates a family of value-oriented brands that includes StraightTalk, Net10, Simple Mobile, Total Wireless, PagePlus, Walmart Family Mobile, SafeLink, and ClearWay.

I purchased a total wireless phone. I bought it from someone on Craigslist. Third party. I've been trying to activate it , but total Wireless won't activate it. They say the phone was never scanned at the register when it was purchased by the original owner. According to Total Wireless there's nothing that they can do to help me unless I have the receipt for it and then to also have it scanned at the original store it was purchased from. I don't have the receipt for it. I don't know what store was originally purchased from and I can't get in touch with the original owner. Is it possible to activate this phone through any other means such as changing the IMEI number is that a possibility? Is it possible to switch it to another carrier or will total Wireless prevent the device from being transferred? Is it total Wireless that is preventing me from being able to activate the phone or is it just legitimately not able to be done on their side of things.

Total wireless is owned by trac phone and Walmart. It's also the parent company of family mobile and straight talk and a few other ones. It sounds like the phone was stolen from a Walmart and there is no way to activate it. It sounds like you are out of luck. You should always call and verify that the phone is not stolen, call the carrier and give them the imei number or meet at the the store. In this case Walmart. 041b061a72

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