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Patch Mount And Blade Warband 1.153 [CRACKED] Crack

I used to play mount and blade quite a lot and got back into playing it recently. I'm looking to download some mods and quite a few of the newer ones require version 1.154 whilst I noticed mine was at 1.151. I downloaded the 1.154 patch from here but it says its a patch for the napoleonic wars on the actual patch link and installer.

patch mount and blade warband 1.153 crack

The problem is I got my version on gamersgate, my brother got his on steam and his upgraded to 1.154 automatically. I installed the above patch but it stayed at 1.151 so I don't know what to do. Do I have to upgrade patches one step at a time? Like 1.152 then 1.153 etc.? 350c69d7ab

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