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Down Periscope [Extra Quality]

Dodge understands that teamwork is the road to success. His by-the-book (and overly rigid) executive officer, however, believes that the crewmembers are incompetent, and calls them "assholes." When he requests transfer because serving on the Stingray might damage his career, Dodge replies, "We are all in this mess together, mister, and you and your career are in the hands of those very assholes, including this one." This is a fine example of what should happen in real life. Observing leadership only from the top down is limiting and frequently false. More than 50 years ago, a young Lieutenant Herman Wouk proposed obtaining fitness report IL observations from the wardroom. His idea was to identify real combat leaders and to weed out the Captain Oueegs. This suggestion has resurfaced recently and should be implemented.

Down Periscope

For example, early in the war game he makes the Stingray appear to be a fishing boat by surfacing, using one engine, turning on the running lights, and having the crew loudly sing. Disappointed at not having located the Stingray, the captain of the Orlando exclaims: "Perfect! We just chased down a boatload of beered-up fishermen!" Obviously, Dodge is playing poker while his opponent is playing chess. In war it is important to know when to play what game.

In December 2020, Twitter announced plans to shut down its video streaming-focused Periscope app. Periscope was pulled from app stores, and the platform formally shut its doors on March 31, 2021. In its announcement on Medium, the Periscope team explained the decision was caused by several factors:

Some of this is silly and dumb as jokes fall flat. But there are also some laughs to be had. There are no big comic set-pieces, per se, but the cast is good, their dimwitted reactions to the goings-on are often amusing and there is even some suspense as the war games wind down. 041b061a72

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