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Anybody out there Having same problem. Using Total Security 2015. Trying to download file through utorrent. Doesn't work. You can't add a firewall rule with an ip address, as this is peer to peer sharing through utorrent client. Any ideas Turning off Bitdefender while doing this is not what I bought the product for

OK..just as an update. I already went into the firewall and set up a rule to allow the application full access. I've checked the adapter settings and they are all ok. Not sure what other settings to look at. Is nobody else using utorrents with BitDefender

Im using utorrent with bitdefender internet security 2015 (same firewall as total security I guess) I have absolutely NO problems for download and uploads. I have no problems with rules I didn't change anything.

I want to mention that hacks like pausing every other torrent or limiting the uploading limit of each other torrent is not a sustainable long term solution. Hacks that are sustainable, are of course welcome.

The welcome screen looks rather similar to that of a search engine, and, in a certain sense, it serves a similar purpose, as it lets you find available torrents. Moreover, the tool also allows starting to download torrents in three other ways. In this regard, you can simply drag and drop a torrent file onto the marked region. Likewise, it is possible to browse for the desired file or paste a link.

An anonymous torrent proxy makes it extremely difficult to trace your uTorrent downloads back to you. By routing all uploads/downloads and tracker/peer communications through a 3rd party proxy server, you can effectively hide your identity when using utorrent.

hi, ok this is my problem: i used (previously to yesterday) uTorrent and the saving folder was on an external hard-drive...but i have had to re-get utorrent because i deleted it (the program was on my comp.) so thats what i have done. The problem is that because i have a load of files that are 1/2 downloaded on my ext HD i would like finish them, of course, but as it is a 'new' utorrent i doesnt 'interact' with them. Is There any Way i can put this right so the 'new' utorrent can 'do' the files from the 'old' utorrent. For various reasons i cant do system restore and i have Windows XP btw. thanks, -- (talk) 10:31, 2 September 2008 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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