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Corel X5 Remove Protexis.cmd

How to Remove Protexis Licensing Service from Corel X5

If you have installed Corel X5 on your computer, you may have noticed that it also installs a service called Protexis Licensing Service. This service is used to verify the authenticity of your Corel product and prevent piracy. However, some users may find this service annoying, unnecessary, or even harmful to their system performance. In this article, we will show you how to remove Protexis Licensing Service from Corel X5 using a simple command.

What is Protexis Licensing Service

Protexis Licensing Service is a component of Protexis DRM (Digital Rights Management) software that is used by some software vendors to protect their products from unauthorized copying and distribution. Protexis Licensing Service runs in the background and communicates with the Protexis servers to validate your license key and activate your software. If the service detects any tampering or modification of the software files, it may disable some features or block the software altogether.

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Why Remove Protexis Licensing Service

While Protexis Licensing Service is intended to provide a secure and convenient way of activating and using your Corel product, some users may have different reasons for wanting to remove it. Some of these reasons are:

  • You do not want to share your personal information or usage data with Protexis or Corel.

  • You do not want to depend on an online service for using your software offline.

  • You do not want to risk losing access to your software if the Protexis servers are down or unavailable.

  • You do not want to waste system resources or bandwidth on a service that you do not need.

  • You do not trust Protexis or Corel to respect your privacy and security.

How to Remove Protexis Licensing Service from Corel X5

If you have decided to remove Protexis Licensing Service from Corel X5, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Download the file "Corel X5 Remove Protexis.cmd" from this link: []. This is a batch file that will execute the commands to stop and delete the service.

  • Save the file to a location where you can easily access it, such as your desktop.

  • Right-click on the file and select "Run as administrator". This will open a command prompt window and run the commands.

  • Wait for the commands to finish. You should see a message saying "Protexis Licensing Service removed successfully".

  • Close the command prompt window and restart your computer.

Congratulations! You have successfully removed Protexis Licensing Service from Corel X5. You can now enjoy using your software without any interference from Protexis.

What are the Risks of Removing Protexis Licensing Service

While removing Protexis Licensing Service from Corel X5 may seem like a good idea for some users, it may also come with some risks and drawbacks. Some of these are:

  • You may violate the terms and conditions of your Corel license agreement by removing the service.

  • You may lose some features or functionality of your Corel product that depend on the service.

  • You may encounter errors or problems when updating or reinstalling your Corel product.

  • You may expose your computer to security threats or malware by downloading and running an unverified file.

Therefore, before you decide to remove Protexis Licensing Service from Corel X5, you should weigh the pros and cons carefully and proceed at your own risk. You should also backup your important data and create a system restore point in case something goes wrong.


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