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We adoptively transferred syngeneic primary ALL cells to wild-type mice then administered TLR ligands starting at day 7 for 3 doses every 4 days. 21 days after leukemia challenge, we evaluated the disease burden in the peripheral blood, spleen, and bone marrow of recipients. While a significantly lower disease burden was observed in all three anatomical compartments of mice treated with polyI:C, CpG ODN- and R848-treated mice failed to control the early outgrowth of transferred cells in the spleen and bone marrow, respectively. While R848-treated mice had a slightly delayed disease progression with median survival (MS) of 40 days compared to that of 28 days of PBS-treated control group, CpG ODN treatment conferred a significant survival advantage where over 57% of treated mice achieved a prolonged disease-free status. Despite successfully inducing systemic anti-ALL responses, poly I:C treatment failed to confer durable protection, achieving only a modest increase in disease-free survival in treated mice (MS=42 days). Moreover, CpG ODN-induced long-term survival in the absence of effective early immune-mediated control of ALL in spleen implies that bone marrow is not only an important homing niche supporting the survival and proliferation of leukemia blasts prior to migration into the circulation, but a critical target site for controlling disease progression. 153554b96e

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