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The fundamentals of scrum are relatively simple. To tackle an opportunity, the organization forms and empowers a small team, usually three to nine people, most of whom are assigned full-time. The team is cross-functional and includes all the skills necessary to complete its tasks. It manages itself and is strictly accountable for every aspect of the work.

A velocity is basically a measurement unit that measures or calculates how much work an agile development team can successfully complete in a single sprint and how much time will be required to finish a project. It is widely used as a calibration tool that helps development teams to create accurate and efficient timelines. It is also used to identify problems and measure the improvements that occur with time.

Iterative Development: It is basically a software development process where software development cycles (sprint and releases) are repeated until the final product is obtained. On the basis of feedback from customers or users, the product is again developed in cycles or releases and sprints i.e., adding new functionality in a repetitive manner. Incremental Development: It is basically a software development process where development works are sliced into increments or pieces or portions. In this, the software is developed and delivered in pieces or increments and each piece has a complete set of functionalities. The increment can either be small or large, and each increment is coded and tested fully. After testing each increment, they all are integrated so that they work as a whole.

Burn-up Chart: It is a type of chart that is used to display or represent the amount of work that has been completed and the total amount of work for a sprint or iteration. Burn-down Chart: It is a type of chart that is used to display or represent the amount of work that is remaining to be completed in the project. These charts are very simple and easy to understand.

The increment is simply the sum or total of all the product backlog items that were completed during a sprint and the value of increments of all previous sprints. It is the total work completed within the current and previous sprints.

Scrum Master: Scrum Master is basically a team leader or supervisor of a team who is responsible for ensuring that the scrum team executes committed tasks properly. Product Owner: The product owner is basically a stakeholder of the project who is responsible for managing the product backlog. He is also responsible for defining a vision of what to build for the team. Development Team: It involves an individual person and each person is responsible for working collectively to complete a particular project. It is the team that is responsible for developing actual product increments and meeting sprint goals.

After going through the above topics, you must have understood what exactly agile methodology is about and other important topics related to it. In short, agile is a process that is totally based upon flexibility, transparency, quality, and continuous improvement. It not only involves customers but also helps team members to manage work more efficiently and work effectively simply to deliver products with the highest quality within budget. All the above-mentioned questions were recently asked in Interviews and will help you to crack your interviews.

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Sprint planning is a collective effort including a Scrum Master, who facilitates the meeting, a Product Owner, who makes clear the specifics of the product backlog items and their corresponding acceptance criteria, and the complete development team, who outline the work and effort necessary to meet their sprint goal. The scrum master can help the team by:

The sprint retrospective is an opportunity to inspect and adapt the process as it is a time to reflect on the process. It is needed that the full Scrum team attends. This includes all members of the development team (includes everyone who is designing, building, and testing the product), the Scrum Master, and the product owner. Since the Scrum Guide also states that the Scrum team = product owner + Scrum Master + development team, we can deduce that (officially at least) the product owner is allowed to attend the retrospective. This is the ideal scenario.

Retrospectives don't finish when they're concluded. In fact, the toughest part has now been initiated: Following-up on your retrospective action plan. In a retrospective, one of the outcomes is the action items which the teams have identified to make their process or work environment much better (retrospective can touch base at different levels). If the action items identified during the last retrospective is not worked upon or gets lost during the course of the sprint, the team will start refraining from coming up with the points as they will not see any closure on the items. Hence, the Scrum Master should present the action items from the last retrospective and discuss the status of progress.

Hence, the story time or the sprint planning meeting should be addressed in the true sense, the scrum master should facilitate these meetings in a way that they stick to the intent of the meeting and come out with the valid outcomes. Both the team and the product owner has to focus on value delivery rather than ease of work. If the teams are involved early during the product discussion, these types of challenges can be minimized.

When the Scrum teams follow the same pattern of the retrospective sprint by sprint, it does induce weariness among the teams. The Scrum Master needs to be creative enough to try out different patterns, sometimes changing the location also works. Anything that happens regularly with the same format tends to create an uninteresting environment in the meetings.

No. The entire team collaborates with stakeholders during the product review. Scrum Master can also work with stakeholders to help them understand Scrum. Stakeholders communicate with Product owner with respect to Product Planning, its progress, and Product backlog changes. Good communication helps project stakeholders engaged and informed and keeps the scrum team focused on finishing the accepted work for the sprint.

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