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Ayyappa Telugu Songs Lyrics Pdf Downloadgolkes

Ayyappa Telugu Songs Lyrics PDF Downloadgolkes

If you are a devotee of Lord Ayyappa, the son of Lord Shiva and Vishnu, you might be looking for some Ayyappa Telugu songs lyrics to sing along with your friends and family. Ayyappa is worshipped as the god of dharma, wisdom, and prosperity. He is also known as Harihara Suta, Dharma Sasta, Manikanta, and Ayyappan. He is believed to have incarnated to destroy the demon Mahishi and to establish the principles of righteousness in the world.

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There are many Ayyappa songs in Telugu that are composed by various singers and poets. Some of them are traditional bhajans, while some are modern devotional songs. Some of the popular Ayyappa songs in Telugu are:

  • Lakshmi Vani Gananatha - a song that praises Lord Ganesha, the elder brother of Ayyappa and the remover of obstacles.

  • Ganesa Ganapathy - another song that glorifies Lord Ganesha and his attributes.

  • Track 01 to Track 10 - a series of songs that describe the life story of Ayyappa, his birth, his childhood, his journey to Sabarimala, his fight with Mahishi, and his final abode.

  • Melokovayya - a song that requests Ayyappa to protect the devotees from all evils and grant them happiness.

  • Vuyyala Jampalalo - a song that depicts the joyous celebration of devotees at Sabarimala.

  • Karteekam Ragane - a song that praises Ayyappa as the lord of Karteeka month, which is considered auspicious for his worship.

  • Kaliyuga Jagannivasa - a song that hails Ayyappa as the savior of Kaliyuga, the present age of darkness and ignorance.

  • Kanne Swami Neeku - a song that expresses the love and devotion of a devotee towards Ayyappa.

  • Nee Deeksha Teesukunna - a song that narrates the vows and rituals that a devotee has to follow before visiting Sabarimala.

  • Jeevitham Chinnadi - a song that advises the devotees to live a simple and virtuous life in the service of Ayyappa.

You can listen to these songs online or download them for free from [this website]. You can also find the lyrics of these songs in Telugu in PDF format from [this website]. You can print them out or save them on your device for easy access. You can also download other Ayyappa songs in Telugu lyrics from [this website].

Singing these songs will fill your heart with devotion and joy. You will feel closer to Ayyappa and experience his grace in your life. You will also learn more about his teachings and values. These songs will inspire you to follow the path of dharma and attain salvation.

May Lord Ayyappa bless you with peace, prosperity, and happiness. Saranam Ayyappa!

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