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Chic - Discography (1977-2013) 256-320 Kbps [Disco, Dance, Funk, R


Chic - Discography (1977-2013) 256-320 Kbps [Disco, Dance, Funk, R

the recording quality is just so perfect. there is nothing there that doesn't sound right. it's just an amazing record. the drums are really crisp, especially the toms. every part is so clean. the bass is perfect. i really don't think that any bass has ever sounded this tight. it's a really cool record. it's amazing. the over-dubbed drums are amazing. it sounds like they are being recorded in the studio, which is what i really like.the vocals are amazing. when the female vocalist comes in, she sounds like she's being recorded right next to the vocalist. the vocalist sounds like he is right next to the other vocalist. that's why i think it's such a great record. the piano is crisp. the organ is crisp. every part is really good.nick neyland

the bassline is really fast. it's really tense. it's like a military drill, but more chaotic and alien. the drums are really tight. this is a great record. it's the most amazing thing i've ever heard. the drums are a classic hip-hop pattern. it's just so tight and fast. you can't really get out of the way of it. it's a great record. the bassline is amazing. the drums are tight. i love this record. it's one of the best records i've ever heard. i would love to have it on a record. it's amazing. i love everything about this record. it sounds amazing. i can't even believe how good this record is. it's the best of the best.

the first time i heard i want your (hands on me), i immediately picked it up and played it over and over again. as a kid, i couldn't have imagined a funkier song than this one that made the rounds of house parties, backyard raves, and dancefloors. i am sure that, in a world of endless possibilities, this song made my childhood special. it was the very first song i was exposed to that connected with me, and it had the power to take me somewhere else, a place i could not have imagined, a place that felt right at home with me. the song was one of the first that got the youth of the world dancing and grooving to the beat. iggy popsee also: alice cooper: some folkssee also: elvis costello: i want you 3d9ccd7d82

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