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Install Quick Report Delphi Xe2 18

Install Quick Report Delphi Xe2 18 >>>

Install Quick Report Delphi Xe2 18

This problem happens with XE2 and XE3. I have FR professional with source and have done several installations each of which have suffered problems. I believe that it is an incompatibility between the included version of FR and the licenced version. My solution was thorough:1. Go into control panel and delete any and all installations of FR.2. Go to the program files folder and manually delete any FR folders.3. Inside the Delphi IDE go into options, library and locate and delete any reference to fast report paths.4. Go into the IDE Install Packages option and make sure that there are no references to FR packages.5. Quit the IDE and now install FR using the supplied installer. When this completes you should be able to fire up the IDE fine without frClass errors.

For such tasks in FastReport VCL 2021.3, we have added the new report object - TfrxPDFView. This object uses the Open-source library Pdfium and is designed to view PDF documents in a report. You can build this library from the source code or use one ready-to-use from FastReport VCL installation package (frx_pdfium.dll and frx_pdfium_64.dll in Bin folder). After the manual build, you need to rename the library to frx_pdfium.dll for 32-bit system and to frx_pdfium_64.dll for 64-bit system. For the manual build, you need Visual Studio and Google depot_tools. More information can be found here and here.

Delphi, C++Builder and RAD Studio XE2 Update #3 is now available if you perform the "Check for Updates" option (or have it automatically check it for you). This time, it's an MSI-based patch, which requires XE2 with either Update #1 or Update #2, so there is no uninstall and re-install needed (unless you still run the original XE2 RTM edition).See _Notes_for_XE2_Update_3 for the Release Notes, and read them before installing Update #3 (it has a note about the IDE Fix Pack which is not compatible with Update #3 for example).The Release Notes for XE2 Update #3 also contains a link to my weblog regarding the changes to the ModalResult values for TButton at =5:5029 but the link to the bug list at is broken at this time.After installation of Update #3, Delphi XE2 reports a version 16.0.4358.45540 in the about box.Note that you may have to re-install the full edition of tools like Fast Report 4, CodeSite Studio or other third-party tools that are also included in "limited" editions in the XE2 SKU itself. 1e1e36bf2d

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