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Live Optics: The Ultimate Tool for IT Infrastructure Analysis

Live Optics data analysis covers IT infrastructure by providing IT professionals with live inventory and performance insight of hosts and VMs regardless of platform or vendor, helping to record and communicate their achieved benchmarks, workloads, or support concerns to others to accelerate decision time and reduce risk.

One you have the link from your Dell technical sales rep, you will create your account (this will be tied to your email address and just need to choose password). You will then download the Dell EMC Live Optics .zip file and then run the:

download live optics

If you are downloading Live Optics fresh, most likely you will have the latest version, however, if you are rerunning from a previous download, it is a good idea to Check for update. Click Next.

Dossier is designed to bring insight to unstructured data through rapid file characterization. Once the file characterization process has completed the data can be used to provide useful suggestions regarding capacity utilization, de-duplication, compression, archiving and a wide variety of other associated insight. Dossier creates a Powerpoint and Excel report upon completion that will be available for download.For more info on how to run Dossier on windows/linux click here.

The Live Optics Optical Prime collection provides live inventory and performance insight of hosts and VMs, regardless of platform or vendor. View a summary of your inventory and basic performance stats, dive into deeper performance metrics over time, and examine individual servers, disk and virtual machines.

A PTZ camera is a pan, tilt, and zoom robotic video camera that can be controlled by a remote operator. A PTZ camera can pan horizontally, tilt vertically and zoom in on a subject to enhance the image quality without digital pixelation. These cameras are designed to make broadcast quality affordable because they allow for an easy, automated production workflow with other software technologies for recording and live streaming.

PTZOptics cameras are able to accommodate a wide range of use cases so our customers can remain flexible as their technology requirements evolve. New innovations are regularly delivered to our customers via free and convenient product updates. Whether you are setting up a live stream or a video conference space, PTZOptics cameras are able to deliver on your project specifications for today and tomorrow.

Download The Unofficial Guide to NDI, essential for anyone interested in learning more about the Network Device Interface protocol for delivering video over IP. Readers will get an introduction to NDI and technologies available for IP video production.

Intel Optane persistent memory running in Memory Mode can deliver significant capacity or cost benefits by using DRAM more efficiently. As a general rule, a 1:4 ratio between active memory and total consumed memory is ideal. However, every use case is different and the only way to know how best to incorporate Intel Optane PMem is to run the numbers and analyze the results.

How to download live optics collector software

Live optics free IT infrastructure analysis tool

Live optics server and cloud workloads assessment

Live optics data protection insights and optimization

Live optics file characterization and storage potential

Live optics personal edition for physical and virtual servers inventory

Live optics cloud pricing calculator for public cloud providers

Live optics partner, reseller, and OEM solutions

Live optics support home and knowledge base

Live optics workload observability and transparency

Download live optics for Windows or Linux OS

Live optics collector application download and installation guide

Live optics online analytics engine and web portal

Live optics EULA and privacy policy

Live optics login and registration process

Live optics collectors dashboard and download collectors button

Live optics collector categories and types of data

Live optics .NET framework requirement for Windows collector

Live optics zip file extraction and liveoptics.exe file execution

Live optics user identity screen and confirmation button

Live optics server and cloud category and subcategories

Live optics data protection category and subcategories

Live optics storage category and subcategories

Live optics file category and subcategories

Live optics workloads category and subcategories

Live optics project creation and configuration steps

Live optics project status and completion notification

Live optics project summary and details view options

Live optics project export and import functions

Live optics project sharing and collaboration features

Live optics project deletion and archiving options

Live optics project comparison and benchmarking tools

Live optics project anonymization and community sharing settings

Live optics project feedback and rating system

Live optics project report generation and customization options

Live optics project report download and print functions

Live optics project report sharing and email functions

Live optics project report insights and recommendations sections

Live optics project report graphs and charts visualization features

Live optics project report data tables and filters options

Live optics project report data drill-down and drill-up functions

Live optics project report data export to Excel or CSV functions

Live optics project report data import to vendor decision software functions

Live optics cloud pricing calculator input fields and options

Live optics cloud pricing calculator output fields and options

Live opti

No matter how complex your IT environment may be, you can always rely on Live Optics to provide you with data-driven insight into key metrics that will ultimately improve your business. You can access this critical information anytime, anywhere and from any device, which makes it very convenient to use. With the help of live optics, you can get insight on everything from capacity utilization to trouble-shooting issues, even on the health of your hardware. This also helps you reduce IT costs by improving process productivity, which in turn leads to greater cash flow.

The EXFO Fiber Finder can identify traffic, direction, and tone detection on both active and dark fibers. With less than 1dB of induced loss, a live fiber can quickly be located and the power measured while minimizing network access time and the possibility for errors.

Although resonant scanners are suitable for live cell imaging as they enable confocal imaging with high temporal resolution, in terms of image resolution, galvano scanners are superior. However, the resonant scanner of the AX R confocal microscope system can capture high-resolution images at high speed because it achieves 2K pixel resolution. Moreover, using, the AI module of NIS-Elements imaging software, can remove shot noise generated by resonant scanning. As this can shorten exposure times and reduce photobleaching, it is also effective for capturing images of fixed samples. This application note introduces examples of acquisition of high-speed, high definition images using a resonant scanner together with

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