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Kontakt Library Manager 3.0: Tips and Tricks to Avoid Errors and Conflicts

what youre seeing here is the list of live sets in your library - youre seeing all the music files that have been tagged with a given live set tag. just click on the live set you want to work on and the samples associated with that live set will be loaded. if you want to add a live set to your library youll find it listed here:

Kontakt Library Manager 3.0 (Working I hope)


this is the list of files that have already been associated with a particular live set - so if you want to add a new live set, choose the ones that you want to tag and hit the download button. the live sets you currently have are listed here, along with the patches for each live set. if the live set you want to add is not yet in your library, youre gonna have to add the live set first, then the samples. you can either load the live set with the ni kompakt software, or you can just download the wav files, drag them into the kontakt folder in your sample library, and everything will work right out of the box.

you can either add wav files into a kontakt library by dragging them from your computer into the kontakt folder. you can also just drag a folder into the kontakt folder, in which case the files will be added into your kontakt library.

in addition to creating your own sounds, the nord sound manager also lets you create a preset from a downloaded sound. this allows you to create a preset from a sound in the nord sample library and load the preset in your instrument, so it can be easily used again.

in addition, the nord sound manager is also used to open files. you can drag and drop files from your computer, or open them from a usb stick. the files are automatically transferred to your instrument. all files can be processed, edited and saved directly inside your instrument.

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