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HiQPdf HTML to PDF Converter for .NET: The Fastest and Most Precise HTML to PDF Conversion Technology

now, you can also use the free html to pdf conversion tool core developers to create pdf documents from html pages. the free version of the html to pdf converter is limited to a maximum of three pdf pages and the free version is not available for developers. the free version has the following limitations:

HiQPdf HTML to PDF Converter for .NET v10.17.0


//the html document to convert using (var sourcedoc = new htmldocument()) sourcedoc.loadhtml(file.readalltext("")); var converteddoc = new document(); //convert the html document to pdf converteddoc.convert(sourcedoc);"html-to-pdf-example.pdf"); the sample web application generates the following pdf document:

//the html document to convert var htmldoc = new htmldocument(); //convert the html document to pdf htmldoc.convert(file.readalltext("html-to-pdf-example.html"));"html-to-pdf-example.pdf"); hiqpdf html to pdf converter v10.17.0 if you are using windows forms or applications, you can use the free html to pdf converter. the following code in framework application creates a pdf file that contains a hyperlink to the sample html document.

i am a developer trying out html2pdf and i must say that this was easy to use. i successfully converted a simple html page to pdf using this library, and i found it to be very easy to use. i was able to change the font size, font family, color, and alignment, all of which worked fine. i was also able to add a background image to the html document.

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