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[S2E1] The Tiger's Cave

A Nazi aircraft drops a case loaded with money to the crew of the boat Joe is held in. The crew joyfully scavenge the lavish offered to them and decides to let Joe Blake go with the film. An crew member gives his thanks to Joe as he rows back to the aircraft. As the crew finishes emptying the case, the Captain notices a hatch, and as he opens it, it reveals a bomb is attached. It detonates, killing the entire crew, to Joe's horror. When he arrives back at Obergruppenführer Smith's headquarters, John expresses how proud he is of Joe's success of the mission. Joe expresses his complaint on why they chose to kill the crew, but John justifies that they were criminals. He also claims that Juliana is dead since 24 hours have passed and that there is no word of her since. Joe refuses John's lecture of keeping his feelings in check, and states that he wishes to resign. John does not comply though and grabs the film to deliver it to Berlin in an hour, dismissing Joe.

[S2E1] The Tiger's Cave

The Si Wong Desert has the driest, hottest climate in the world. The desert's ecosystem primarily consists of a few scavenger species such as the gilacorn, predatory insects known as buzzard wasps, giant rhinoceros beetles, which are used for transportation, scorpions, and jackalopes.[3]

We have been through a lot lately keeping loved ones safe and trying to keep our sanity during a tumultuous pandemic. Just like our ancient ancestors, we retreated to our caves to protect ourselves from frightening attackers. But while our ancestors were running from lions, tigers and bears, we faced an unseen, unknown virus.

North of the Great Steppe lies the boreal forest which encircles the continents of North America, Europe and Asia and remains frozen for six months of the year. Prowling these forests in the Far East of Russia is the Siberian tiger, the largest cat in the world. In winter it is on the lookout for black bears hibernating in caves, a high-risk strategy that only a cat of this size would attempt.

At home, the Bears divvy up the items from the box. Grizzly picks some foam fists, Panda picks an old flip phone, and Ice Bear picks a stack of DVDs. Grizzly decides to start smashing things with his new fists, which prompts Panda to shoo him outside so as to not break anything. Grizzly has fun with his fists at first, but starts breaking everything and can't remove them or get inside the cave. Because of this, he searches for help around town, only for everyone to scream in terror at his presence and label him a monster.

Meanwhile, Bloom, Stella, Aisha and Timmy, fly towards the cave, to find the pixies. Timmy leaves them at the entrance. The Trix cast a spell on Bloom. Stella, Aisha and Bloom transform and fight them. They are about to be defeated but Professor Avalon comes to their rescue. They soon meet the Pixies, where Stella and Bloom bond to Amore and Lockette respectively. The girls arrive at Alfea, where the rest of the girls bond. Later, Bloom dreams about Daphne and her parents.

In the Fortress, Avalon reveals his true identity as the Shadow Phoenix. Soon, the Trix set the monsters to attack on the Specialists and Winx. The girls transform and enter the cave, leaving the Specialists at the entrance. Later, Darkar sends them back to The Fortress of Light and transforms Bloom into Dark Bloom. The girls are attacked by a monster, but Griffin saves them. It turns out that all the professors had come to keep an eye on them. Meanwhile, the boys enter the cave.

They got a call of a murder at a club. The two of them arrived, seeing a corpse with his head caved in. The purp had a glowing red hand. Since it was red, it was not Rand, but that made it worse as there was a new Iron Fist. Wing then got a call from Joy Meachum, who told her where Rand was. They arrived at the location to find Ryhno's Gang beating up Rand. BB got worried, but Ryhno pushed on until Knight shot a warning shot. Wing rushed to the injured Rand while Knight dealt with them.

Clementime brings Bernard to a cave in Sector 22, providing him with a gun before leaving. Bernard enters the cave to find a chained Elsie Hughes, who is not pleased to see him after he knocked her out and left her there with protein bars and a bucket weeks before. Bernard frees her and tries to remove her shackles but she steals his gun and threatens him. As he tries to explain he was controlled by Ford he begins to malfunction, and begs a stunned Elsie to help him. She reluctantly complies and puts him safe mode.

Bernard wakes up with his hands tied together, Elsie having changed his pain response. She notes that he will need more cortical processing fluid and leaves him to be picked up by Delos security. Bernard chases after her and reveals that Delos will not help them and convinces her to ally with him. Suddenly having a memory of himself entering the cave, he finds a hidden doorway leading into a secret room.

Journal 3 continues to assist Dipper in his encounters with the supernatural, including guiding him into a cave behind a waterfall in "The Legend of the Gobblewonker," during which he, Mabel and Soos flee from Old Man McGucket's Gobblewonker robot. 041b061a72

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