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Datta Chalisa In Telugu Pdf 117

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Datta Chalisa in Telugu PDF 117: A Powerful Prayer to Lord Dattatreya

Datta Chalisa is a devotional hymn composed of 40 verses in praise of Lord Dattatreya, the incarnation of the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Dattatreya is considered as the guru of all gurus, the supreme teacher who imparts the knowledge of the Self. He is also known as the patron saint of yoga, meditation and tantra.

Datta Chalisa in Telugu PDF 117 is a special version of this hymn that contains 117 names of Lord Dattatreya, each describing his various attributes, manifestations and leelas. By chanting or listening to this chalisa, one can invoke the blessings of Lord Dattatreya and attain peace, prosperity, happiness and liberation.

In this article, we will explore the meaning and significance of Datta Chalisa in Telugu PDF 117, as well as provide a link to download it for free.

Meaning and Significance of Datta Chalisa in Telugu PDF 117

Datta Chalisa in Telugu PDF 117 begins with an invocation to Lord Dattatreya, who resides in Vallabhapura, a holy place near Gangapur in Karnataka. The chalisa then describes his divine birth from the sage Atri and his wife Anasuya, who performed severe penance to obtain him as their son. He was born with three heads and six arms, representing the three aspects of creation, preservation and destruction. He showed his cosmic form to the sages and gods who came to see him and bestowed them with bliss and liberation.

The chalisa then narrates his various deeds and teachings that he performed throughout his life. He enlightened the four Vedas with his primordial sound of Om. He taught the eightfold yoga to the seekers and became the king of yogis. He revealed the secret of Akshara Parabrahma Yoga to Brahma at his forehead. He was the cause of creation as Parabrahma, the supreme reality.

He assumed a charming form and enjoyed with his consorts in heaven. He broke the pride of Indra, who did not recognize his true nature. He showered his grace on those who remembered him sincerely and revealed his true essence to them. He killed the demon Jambhasura, who was troubling Indra. He married Anagha Devi, who was an incarnation of Lakshmi. He appeared before King Daladana, who worshipped him as Smartrigami, the lord of love. He taught him the Vajra Kavacha, a powerful armor that protected him from enemies.

He saved Kartavirya Arjuna, who had thousand arms, from Ravana. He gave him eight siddhis, or supernatural powers. He defeated Amita Parakrama, a mighty warrior. He pacified Renuka's son Parashurama, who was restless due to his killings. He appeared as Sankirtana Avadhuta, a wandering monk who spread peace. He blessed Parashurama with devotion and taught him Tripura Rahasya, a secret doctrine of the three energies.

He fulfilled the wish of Madalasa Mata, who wanted a son like him. He taught him yoga vidya, or the science of yoga. He conquered Yogeshwara, a master of yoga. He liberated a brahmarakshasa, a fierce spirit, who became Vishnudatta. He gave him thirty-two sons by touching him with his hand. He performed his father's rites when Vishnudatta requested him. He blessed Sushila Devi and Piluva with a son named Analuva, who was an incarnation of Surya.

He visited various holy places such as Kashi, Kolhapur, Chandrabhaga, Tungabhadra, Sahyadri and Mahur. He travelled in a miraculous way as Yogeshwara Eshwara Chakravarti, the supreme lord of yoga and wheel. He appeared as Shripada Shri Vallabha in Kali Yuga and protected his devotees. He incarnated as Nar 9160f4acd4

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