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Delta Note MiDi ((FREE))

MIDI Soft-throughOptionally MIDI soft through can be activated using the config menu. Incoming midi messages will be merged with the internal midi data and forwarded to the MIDI output.Configuration MenuThe built in configuration menu can be used to set parameters such as midi channels or the pedal note priority. It can be accessed turning the synth on while playing an E-minor chord.The user manual explains this menu in detail.

Delta Note MiDi ((FREE))


I understand the note/pitch and the velocity components of a message. However, I am having difficulty understanding the time attribute. According to the documentation of mido, a library that I am using to read MIDI files, the time attribute denotes the delta time that has elapsed since the last message.

If a delta time is zero, then this message is to be sent at the same time as (immediately after) the preceding message. (Please note that a note-on message with a velocity of zero is actually a note-off.)

I looked for a Python library where I can send a melody via a MIDI channel to a DAW, but was not able to find it in the two recently active MIDI libraries I encountered: python-rtmidi and mido: MIDI Objects for Python. I got the impression that they are to open ports, construct a MIDI message and send them. But they don't inherently provide a scheduler that sends a MIDI message per note scheduled in time. (I might be wrong though.)

Filter out notes, controllers, after touch, program change, channel pressure, pitch bend or midi clock on one or more channels. It is possible to indicate a range for notes and for controllers, and also choose whether the range is included or excluded from filtering. The range can be empty, which makes it possible to indicate and empty range of allowed notes, the same as suppressing all notes.

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