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Rumi Akter
04 abr 2022
In Foro de cine y televisión
Again, are we really communicating the benefits? Our trend has Email Database become an epidemic. 3. The card never works or the card reader doesn't work. I have seen a salvo of players having a great time at their slot machine only to get up a few hours later and realize their card reader is flashing: "Please re-insert your card!" I've watched players dance the dance of card Email Database re-insertion and flip and rotate only to move to another less popular machine. And honestly, I've seen players try and insert another casinos card. It happens. Sure, you can clean those card readers, offer to replace the card, walk around and look for card readers not working and assist these folks, but if a player has to Email Database change seats or play a less desirable game, your credibility is shot. 2. I see too many people using someone else's card. I've read about every disclaimer on the back of each player's Email Database card. Yet, I see club centers time and time again issuing one card short of infinity to a player, even though the field on the player tracking system states: Number of cards issued: 2,567,875. No red flag there. Although this happens quite frequently where rewards (entry tickets) or status (room, food & beverage) are based on this trip only (TTO), usually only at the local joints Email Database are the players complaining. At these places, the players actually have better data of who was playing when, where and how much. Better take them off the floor and give them the title of Player Development Director. And the number one reason why.1. Superstitious - I can't win with it, I win more without it. This is the number one excuse in every gaming jurisdiction on the planet.

Rumi Akter

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