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Markup Import and Markup Assist • Import feedback from paper or PDFs and incorporate changes without additional drawing steps. • Set up an auto-save for when you’re ready to incorporate your markup, and then mark the markups as completed. • Browse, view and manipulate your markups while in your drawing window. • Adjust your view to best fit the markup on the screen. • Markups are saved as.acadml files. • Incorporate your markups into your drawing. • Enter feedback to your designer in the Comment Box, either in the Markup Assistant or outside of the drawing window. • Use the Markup Assistant to add, correct or delete markups or enter new comments and comments on existing markups.Markup Assistant:Create markups, browse and view existing markups, and add or edit comments.Create markups• Easily create and customize a text or variable markup for use in a drawing. • Display both the comment and the markup text in the Comment Box. • Add multiple markups to a drawing, then make changes to them. • Pick up the markups after you’re done editing. • Set multiple markups to automatic save at a time.Browse and view existing markups• Browse and view all of your markups, comment and comment history. • Select specific markups to view, and adjust the display settings. • View the markup text, comment text, comment order, comment date and comment text. • Markups can be stacked on top of one another, which can be helpful for arranging or viewing.Add or edit comments• Type comments in the Comment Box. • Enter a comment or enter multiple comments in the Comment Box, using a dialog box for easy entry. • Select and edit comments. • Open and edit a comment history and selection history.Unordered Comments and Markup Assist:Organize, print and comment on your markups.Unordered Comments and Markup Assist • Organize and comment on multiple markups in a drawing. • Organize comments and comments on markups in a drawing using check boxes. • Print markups to paper or send markups to a printer. • View markups in an order that’s easy to read.Organize and comment on multiple markups in a drawing.• Organize and comment on multiple markups 2be273e24d

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